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Sport Injury

Ankle Sprain


Plantar Fasciitis

Heel Pain


Achilles Injury

Foot Deformity


Tailor’s Bunion

Hammer Toe

Mallet toe

Flat Feet

High Arch

Skin & Nail


Plantar Wart

Corn / Callus

Toenail Fungus /


Ingrown Toenail



Swollen Feet



Leg Length Discrepancy


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  • Excellent treatment and great staff. Going to Mika Hayashi's clinic is well worth the trip to New York for me...
  • My experience at Dr. Hayashi was great! She's not just any Doctor. She took her time to explain my condition in details and a prevention plan to avoid my condition from worsening. Her staff are very pleasant and just as professional as she was. This facility is definitely some where i highly recommend others to go if you're experiencing any foot or ankle problem!
  • Before I went to Dr. Hayashi, I had gone to seven different doctors including a podiatrist and other specialists at two university hospitals for the problem with my feet. I went through so many tests in two months, but none of the doctors could diagnose my condition. Some of them literally said that they really didn’t know what to do with my condition. I had no hope. Then I went to Dr. Hayashi and brought all of my recent medical history and test results with me. After reviewing everything, she told me that I should have already tested my nerves by that point. I was shocked because no one ever told me about that. Dr. Hayashi explained her opinion and gave me a treatment plan that included an immediate nerve test, medication as well as physical therapy for later on. Most of all, she gave me hope. After the nerve test result, she accurately diagnosed my condition. I couldn’t believe this happened during only my second visit with her! I was thinking, why I didn’t come to her sooner?! Dr. Hayashi is a true doctor of the people. She is special because every time I see her, I can feel her professionalism and how much she cares about her patients. She takes the time to explain the details so that I could really understand my condition and how I'm going to get better. You can feel her genuine personality when you meet her. I highly recommend Dr. Hayashi. Plus, I can’t forget to mention this…her staff is always great as well. They are always nice and friendly. You will have a great experience with them too!
  • Thanksgiving--today--happens to be the perfect occasion for me to write about the extraordinary Dr. Hayashi. I'm so grateful for her science & her art, for her warmth, & for the great crew who work with her to make every appointment move along efficiently (but never making me feel rushed). At age 73, energetic but gym-averse, I rely on walking as my daily exercise & spirit-raiser.. Until Dr. Hayashi diagnosed & treated my toenail fungus, I thought it was RA that was compromising my walk. I thought of the fungus as a cosmetic blight & didn't realize how profoundly it affected the fit of my sneakers & even sandals, how much pain derived from it, & how it was skewing my gait--causing muscle pain in my legs. In working out a treatment, Dr. Hayashi carefully looked at the big picture, giving consideration to the medicines I take daily & my whole gestalt. I appreciated that she always explained why she proposed first one approach & then another. My toes are pain-free now, & my whole body is the better for it. Arigato, Hayashi-san!